Kaycie Satterfield Releases New Single ‘When We’re Older’

LA-based indie pop artist Kaycie Satterfield has released her new single “When We’re Older.” The song comes ahead of her debut album, Rosie, set to release on July 12th via Earth Libraries. Satterfield, known for her dreamy pop sound, shares a fresh perspective in this latest track.

Satterfield’s debut EP, Sweet Tooth, released in 2022, received much praise. Following this, she opened for Madeline Kenney’s US tour. She then began working on her debut full-length album. However, a wrist injury in 2023 almost disrupted this process. Unable to play guitar for months, she had to adapt her songwriting and playing style.

Despite the injury, Satterfield continued her work. She also faced four moves and a breakup during this period. Instead of getting stuck in old patterns, she used these challenges to create something new. The result is Rosie, an album filled with rich, synth-driven production and new perspectives.

“When We’re Older” is an upbeat indie pop song. It’s reminiscent of artists like St. Vincent, Beach House, and Katy Kirby. Satterfield describes her creative process for the song: “I smoked a joint and spent about an hour just making wild loops with my guitar and an Avalanche Run pedal by Earthquaker Devices. I built the whole song around that repeating pattern.” This approach led to the creation of a fun, catchy track.

The song’s lyrics reflect on the future and the hope that things will get better. Satterfield draws inspiration from a scene in the film Frances Ha. In this scene, Frances talks about the special, unnoticed connection between two people. Satterfield compares this to other dimensions that exist around us but are hard to perceive.

Satterfield’s new album, Rosie, showcases her ability to handle change and challenge. She leans into the constant changes in life, using them to fuel her music. Her wrist injury pushed her to think outside her usual conventions. This led her to create more synth-driven songs.

Her new single “Dog Year” shows her more mature sound. It’s a high-energy song about the end of a relationship and finding strength. Her guitar work taps into Midwest emo, mixed with electronic percussion and echoed piano.

The follow-up single “Jetsam” features guitar chug and high-octane longing. It blends self-effacement and dreaminess, ending in a psychedelic fade-out. Fans of Beach House and Animal Collective will appreciate the song’s beauty.

Kaycie Satterfield’s music reflects her personal growth and resilience. With “When We’re Older” and her upcoming album Rosie, she continues to captivate listeners. Her new sound and perspective promise an exciting future for this talented artist.

Listen to “When We’re Older” below!


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