Post Death Soundtrack Usher In Doom Grunge Era With ‘Veil Lifter’

Indie band Post Death Soundtrack is aiming to shake up the rock music scene with their latest album, Veil Lifter, released on April 16, 2024. Known for their evocative blend of genres, the Vancouver-based duo has made a significant shift from their electronic-heavy sound to a raw, guitar-driven approach dubbed “doom grunge.”

Veil Lifter dives into ten tracks that meld elements of doom, grunge, hardcore, and thrash. This shift marks a significant departure from the orchestrated industrial sounds of their previous work, moving towards a more organic and live sound influenced by pioneers like Alice in Chains and Nirvana, as well as modern heavyweights like Russian Circles and Windhand.

The album’s title track, “Veil Lifter,” is inspired by Eastern philosophy and tackles themes of mental illness, spiritual warfare, and personal resilience against life’s darker periods. The music mirrors these themes with sludgy riffs and hypnotic grooves, underpinned by a hardcore fury that drives the album’s narrative of overcoming adversity.

The production of Veil Lifter was handled in-house, with band members Jon Ireson and Stephen Moore taking the reins. Ireson’s skills on bass and additional guitars paired with Moore’s vocal prowess and guitar work create a sound that is both monumental and intimate. The album also features Casey Lewis on drums, whose contributions amplify the record’s intensity.

Veil Lifter is a journey through personal and collective psyche challenges. It represents a cathartic release of the band’s pent-up artistic energies and personal struggles, making it not only a musical evolution for Post Death Soundtrack but also a therapeutic venture.

With its recent release, Veil Lifter is anticipated to resonate deeply with fans of doom, grunge, and indie music, promising a powerful blend of sonic intensity and emotional depth. The album will be available on digital platforms, with a limited edition vinyl release expected shortly after.

Listen to Veil Lifter below!


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