THILO Takes Us On A Nostalgic R&B Journey With ‘FAR AWAY’

Rising R&B/Pop artist THILO has struck again with his latest international collaboration, FAR AWAY,” featuring Seattle-based artist Dave B.

Known for his silky smooth vocals and captivating melodies, THILO brings his signature style to this track, mixing it with the nostalgic vibes of the R&B club sounds of the 2000s.

The song’s beat and catchy hooks invite listeners to both chill-out and hit the dance floor. With its warm yet driving rhythm, “FAR AWAY” is the perfect soundtrack for those moments when you find yourself caught between wanting to move your body and needing to stay cool.

Exploring themes of longing and desire, “FAR AWAY” is about being drawn to someone off-limits. THILO’s soulful vocals paired with Dave B.’s smooth delivery capture the tension of forbidden attraction.

THILO’s path to success has been marked by dedication and passion. Hailing from Bochum, Germany, he discovered his love for music at a young age and has been practicing it ever since. Influenced by the likes of Justin Timberlake and Amy Winehouse, THILO’s sound is a blend of classic R&B with a modern twist.

Already with his debut EP “INTRO:W”, he gaining traction both nationally and internationally. Now his new release, “RUN RUN,” also solidifies his place as a standout artist in the R&B/pop scene.

THILO is also set to join German pop star Tim Bendzko on tour, bringing his stage presence to audiences across the globe.

Listen to “FAR AWAY” below!


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