‘Power Rangers’ Movie Set For 2016 Release | Film News


Earlier this summer, Lionsgate announced a new Power Rangers movie. They have now announced that it is set to be released on July 22nd, 2016. Robert Orci – writer and producer of the Star Trek and Transformers franchises – is set to be the executive producer of the film. Other producers include Haim Saban, Allison Shearmur, and Brian Casentini, and the film will be scripted by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, writers of X-Men: First Class and Thor.


The official synopsis for the movie states that the film will be “a modern reinvention of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a group of ordinary high school kids who find themselves infused with extra-terrestrial powers and must harness those powers as a team to save the world”. Sounds to us like a typical ‘high-school-students-randomly-get-magical-powers-and-save-the-world’ type deal. Can the fans really expect a decent addition to the Power Rangers franchise? Stay tuned to find out.



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