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In her latest interview with Rolling Stone, Amy Lee has detailed that she thinks of her upcoming album Aftermath as a piece of art, as a musical piece intended to be “completely different” from Evanescence. She says that she is playing with “a lot of the same emotions I played with in Evanescence”, but in a much more instrumental way. Does this mean the album will be mainly instrumental music?


Since Lee has previously released lyrics for one of the songs on the album, we can expect to have some of Lee’s voice present during the album. Lee has asserted that she thinks only about three of the songs are “song songs”, and that the rest of them are more like movie scores, which is appropriate given that the album was intended to accompany a motion picture.


She says that the album consists of an Arabic-style song, and a “sexy dance song”, among others, so fans can expect to see a variety of musical styles within Aftermath. As well as some of Lee’s vocals, we can expect to hear vocal snippets from “world singer” Malika Zarra who contributed to the Arabic-inspired song. Indeed, Aftermath sounds like a very different array of musical styles to the signature rock sound provided by Evanescence. You can listen to the most recent Aftermath teaser below.




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