Prabal Gurung Fall 2024 Collection Driven By Fusion, Fragments And Feminine Strength

The Prabal Gurung show was marked by a first model dressed in red from head to toe, sporting a fluid dress paired with a turtleneck and trousers.

Far from being a seduction strategy with a “tomato girl” look, it was not a didactic lesson either. The designer specified,” I have moved beyond slogans with political messages. This time, it was personal, a fusion of the East (inspired by sportswear) and the West (with sarilike draping).”

The third ensemble, a spectacular coat in the same shade, paid homage to the sartorial traditions of Gurung’s Nepali father and family. It highlighted one of the main materials of the season, sheepskin, used in various ways for trims and complete looks, some accessorized with cuffs.

The band, in the form of a strip, was a crucial and wandering element of the collection. It wrapped around the shoulders in one instance, appeared as fur trim at the hem of a dress in another. A two-toned mini-dress was essentially a tube with sleeves. In the end, the wide strip was cut into narrow bands, reassembled into a floating dress.

In the final trio, the bands began to separate or unravel, visually symbolizing the theme of the collection: fragmented memories.

The show resembled a slideshow of Gurung’s life; the lineup included three of his friends: actress Sarita Choudhury, Westworld writer-director Lisa Joy, and author Min Jin Lee. The bond of friendship was evoked by large scarves wrapped around the body.

The addition of a trailing transparent banner to a fitted red satin suit created a harmony between structure and blur, much like a flowing ocher velvet dress paired with black leather pants.

The collection was infused with softness, especially in the looser silhouettes closely tied to the amorphous quality of dreams and memories. Gurung emphasized, “I almost needed [things] to feel lived.”

Picking up some elements from the previous season, although without a significant breakthrough, clarity was slightly subdued, and certainly less joy was present. Gurung accurately noted that the world seems darker than six months ago, reflecting in these deliberately undone dresses.

He stated, “I believe dreams, hopes, and optimism must all be rooted in reality, and reality is also sorrow.” Finding and sharing a lifeline in his work, Gurung concluded, “My niche is that I know what I can do create beautiful women’s clothing, and I hope there is strength in that beauty.”

Here’s an overview of his runway show!


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