Prada And Autumn De Wilde Collaborate For Galleria Bag Short Films | Fashion News


For their new Galleria bag advertising campaign, Prada has launched a collaboration with music video diretor, Autumn De Wilde. The blending of her very unique style, comedy and realism, along with the inspirational and exciting brand that Prada is, was the perfect match for a series of five short film projects to promote this amazing and beautiful bag, three of which – ‘The Postman Dreams’, ‘The Battlefield’ and ‘The Makeout’ – you can peruse below.


De Wilde was absolutely free to create these films and was asked by Prada to break the traditional and commercial formats used by most brands, and to share a story of how a bag can be so much more than just an accessory; “we agreed it was important to show how glorious it is to own a Prada bag rather than making it seem like a private club you can’t get into“. With several experiments like cutting a Galleria bag in half, putting laundry soap in a crocodile bag, and hanging 35 more in a tree, Autumn De Wilde was really happy to work with a brand like Prada, “we were a great fit together, and I feel lucky that I also had so much fun“, she shared with





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