Priyanka Chopra Apologises Over ‘Quantico’ Hindu Terrorists Plotline | TV News


Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra has wholeheartedly apologised after a recent episode of the spy thriller series Quantico she stars in triggered outrage in India, with many fans feeling insulted by the storyline and calling the Indian-born actress a traitor.


The US drama episode, which aired on June 1, showed Indian nationalists framing Pakistan as Chopra’s character Alex Parrish managed to thwart the Hindus’ terrorist attack planned ahead of a summit on Kashmir — a Himalayan territory which is source of historical tension between India and Pakistan.


The 35-year-old former Miss World declared she was “a proud Indian and that will never change”.


“I’m extremely saddened and sorry that some sentiments have been hurt by a recent episode of Quantico”, she wrote on Twitter, “That was not and would never be my intention. I sincerely apologise.”


The producers of the crime drama, ABC Studios, also defended Chopra: “The episode has stirred a lot of emotion, much of which is unfairly aimed at Priyanka Chopra, who didn’t create the show, nor does she write or direct it” the studio’s spokespersons said in a statement.


“The show has featured antagonists of many different ethnicities and backgrounds, but in this case we inadvertently and regrettably stepped into a complex political issue. It was certainly not our intention to offend anyone.”




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