Production Begins For Second Season Of Sky Original Series ‘Devils’ | TV News


The Italian series DevilsDiavoli – is set to start production for its second season. According to Variety, production started in Rome, Italy, with both leads Alessandro Borghi as Massimo Ruggero and Patrick Dempsey as Dominic Morgan, as they return to their roles in the high-stakes financial thriller.


The next season will see the regular cast returning (at least those that survived season one), with Li Jun Li from Damages, Joel de la Fuente and Clara Rosanger. We do not the full cast yet, but we will keep you posted on any new cast announcements.


Regards the premise, the show is about Italian trader Massimo Ruggero who is the head of trading at the New York London Investment Bank. While the financial crisis is raging in Europe, Massimo is making hundreds of millions for NYL from speculation.


Dominic Morgan, his friend, and mentor, working as the American CEO of NYL, is the nearest person to Massimo. However, when Massimo is involved in a scandal that sees his estranged wife playing an escort, Dominic denies him a promotion, choosing the old-school banker Edward Stuart instead.


Convinced that the scandal was a set-up, Massimo is determined to seek the truth but when Edward suddenly dies, Massimo realizes that something bigger is at stake. So to discover the truth, he uses the help of his trading team and a group of hacktivists.


Devils is produced by Sky Italia and Lux Vide, in collaboration with Sky Studios, Orange Studios and OCS, and it is directed by Nick Hurran and Jan Maria Michelini.


We do not have any confirmation for the new season release date as the production has only just started, but the season would likely be for later this year or next year. The production is now in Rome but should also head back to the city of London.



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