‘Project 50’ To Become UK’s Biggest Fashion Chain Launch In A Decade | Fashion News


Christo Wiese, is a South African retail magnate who is investing into the UK’s fledgling retail industry which is worth around £21bn. The fashion retail project dubbed ‘Project 50’ is set to roll out 50 stores across the UK within two months of the business launching, and is set to compete with established retailers aiming at the mothers and children market – providing a range of affordable fashion products similar to what is on offer already among UK retailers. Former ASDA chief Andy Bond will be leading this tactical pursuit in launching the new fashion business for Weise and his newly formed Pepkor UK Retail Limited company, and is flanked by Mark Jackson, who previously served as finance director at Heal’s department store, and Catherine Haydon, former head of merchandising at Marks & Spencer. ‘Project 50’ is set to launch in July 2015.



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