‘Prometheus’ Sequel Takes Inspiration From ‘Paradise Lost’ | Film News



Set to begin production in February 2016, the new Prometheus film will act as a link between director Ridley Scott’s previous Alien film, and the upcoming fifth installment, which is still in development. Whilst promoting his new film, The Martian, Scott unveiled Prometheus 2 as his next project, with hints to his plans for a third and fourth film to follow.


The film will see Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender return in their roles of Elizabeth Shaw and David, along with the xenomorphs, whose origins will be explained. Ridley Scott told Yahoo that the sequel would take inspiration from Milton’s Paradise Lost, as audiences would see Rapace and Fassbender picking up where they left off – heading over to the Engineer’s home world and discovering the reasons behind their desire to destroy the human race.


Filled with religious symbolism and ideas questioning the concept of origin, it seems that the film is quite aptly named. Titled Alien: Paradise Lost, the sequel is set to deliver some mind blowing answers along with philosophical questions. Hopefully, it will also deliver David a body to go along with his severed android head because that, I’m sure, is a great concern for many – including David himself.



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