Promising R&B Artist Raquel Presents Debut EP ‘Wishing on Stars’

Emerging Los Angeles R&B artist Raquel is making waves with her debut EP Wishing on Stars. This Toronto-born talent has been immersed in music from a young age, showcasing her skills in musicals, competitions, and as a professional pianist. Now, she steps into the spotlight with a project that highlights her multifaceted abilities.

Wishing on Stars blends R&B, Pop, and electronic music, featuring standout tracks like “With You” featuring TVGUCCI, “Angel” featuring Kofi, and “Make You Mine.” This 6-track EP is a soulful journey into Raquel’s world, filled with imagery of the cosmos, night skies, and natural wonders, reflecting her profound love for astronomy and the natural environment.

Before embarking on her music career, Raquel was pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics, a path she left to follow her passion for music. Her songwriting is deeply influenced by her fascination with space and nature, using these elements to craft songs that evoke a sense of beauty and awe. Through her music, Raquel aims to create art that mirrors the compelling and beautiful aspects of the universe and the natural world.

Wishing on Stars is not just an EP; it’s a declaration of Raquel’s artistic vision and a showcase of her ability to draw inspiration from the universe. Her work is a testament to her creativity and her journey from the realms of science to the expressive world of music, promising a unique and emotive experience for listeners.

Listen to the EP in full below!


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