Tilly Kingston Shares Rebellious New Single ‘Youth Is Wasted’

Have you ever had the urge to blow things up? Well, that is what Tilly Kingston has done with her new single “Youth Is Wasted”. Her electric guitar sets the tone right from the start, introducing us to a revolt against preconceived ideas. With her hard-edged, punk-rock & metal-fused pop, Tilly wants to connect with anyone who’s ever felt like a misfit.

Challenging the norms and creating a unique space for herself, “Youth Is Wasted” is a rebellious anthem echoing the sentiments of those who dare to live life on their terms.

Growing up not far from the rock’n’roll epicenter of Birmingham, Tilly Kingston already had her life soundtracked by the downstairs hum of amps and applause of a crowd. Her musical education was a blend of ’60s and ’70s classics, thanks to her dad, and the punk and emo of the 2000s, inspired by her older brother.

Tilly began singing lessons at the age of six and participated in her high school’s ‘Battle Of The Bands’ before even reaching her teenage years. Despite being a self-described “artistic, creative person,” the artist struggled with her identity, feeling like an outsider at school and enduring bullying. Music became more than a passion; it became a crucial support during challenging times.

“Youth Is Wasted” follows Tilly’s 2023 debut single “Best Break Up Ever,” which won the BBC’s support and amassed 1.4 million views on YouTube. The single has been a refreshing counter to typical pop artists, showcasing Tilly Kingston’s unorthodox approach to her music and her life.

With a sound that defies expectations and a spirit that embraces individuality, Tilly Kingston is set to leave an indelible mark on the music scene, proving that youth is indeed not wasted when spent pursuing one’s passions.

Watch the video for “Youth Is Wasted” below!


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