Promnite + Denzel Curry + Nell + J.K. The Reaper + Twelve’len – Gunsmoke | New Music



LA-based producer and DJ, Promnite, with track, “Gunsmoke”, has the first taste of his new Fool’s Gold project. New school rap hero, Denzel Curry, joins him alongside Nell, J.K. The Reaper and Twelve’len. This is Denzel returning the favour with his Promnite-produced “Story: No Title”, on his second album, the acclaimed Imperial.


“Gunsmoke” opens evocative of something very much rooted in the ethereal. Moody, almost industrial thumps herald triumphant horn and rattling drum. Jam packed with cameos, everyone is dying for airtime yet bounce off each other expertly. Considering the rather blunt track title, the chorus is delivered very calm and softly spoken. Intriguing.




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