Puma June Unveils Bold New Single And Video ‘My Body, My Problem’

Puma June, an emerging voice in the music industry, has announced the release of her debut single and music video, “My Body, My Problem,” from her upcoming EP. This powerful anthem, rooted in Puma June’s personal experiences, challenges societal norms and celebrates the unapologetic reclamation of bodily autonomy.

The music video, directed by Arden Grier, was brought to life through the support of the RBC Music x Prism Prize grant. As a recipient of this prestigious award, Puma June has crafted a visual masterpiece that resonates with the struggles and triumphs of self-expression and control.

The video reflects the often contradictory and oppressive messages imposed on bodies, particularly women’s bodies, and serves as a call to reclaim sovereignty and embrace individual identity.

Puma June’s music and visuals delve into her journey of defying the constraints placed on her by others. Her lyrics poignantly capture the struggle of never fitting into the boxes people tried to confine her in, especially as a woman. From her fashion choices to her behavior, Puma June has faced constant policing and judgment. This single, both audibly and visually, cements her undeniable potential in the music industry.

In addition to her recent achievements, Puma June has also been selected to participate in RBC Music’s “First Up” program in Canada, highlighting her as one of the country’s most promising new artists. This recognition promises a surge of new music and growth from Puma June in the near future.

We hope ‘My Body, My Problem’ inspires listeners to reclaim their power and express themselves unapologetically,” Puma June shared. “It’s a reflection of the bullshit we’re told about our bodies and taking control of our own narratives.”

“My Body, My Problem” is available on all major streaming platforms, and the music video can be viewed on Puma June’s official YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more from this groundbreaking artist as she continues to make waves in the music scene.

Puma June is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer based in Toronto, Ontario. With an eclectic array of influences from Amy Winehouse to Charlotte Day Wilson to Lana Del Rey, June’s sound is a soulful blend of soft-pop, funk, and R&B. Evoking an optimistic melancholy through her raw and empowering songwriting, June has a voice that is both nostalgic and distinctive.

June released her first single, “Lost Years” in November 2022, followed by Exclaim! naming her an “emerging Canadian artist you need to hear.” Her most recent single, “Ride or Die,” is a powerful song about unwavering sibling love.

Puma June wants to continue to change the conversation in pop music – pushing unfiltered honesty and creating space for the real, hard conversations. With a clear political point of view, Puma June’s music centers around regaining power in one’s life and has a particular focus on women’s issues, familial trauma, and the struggle of being an artist in a world that under-appreciates art.

Watch the video for “My Body, My Problem” here!


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