ALTARVIOLET Unveil New EDM Track ‘Eyes On You’

On June 26, 2024, ALTARVIOLET, fronted by Greta Hotmer, released their latest single, “Eyes On You.” Known for their unique blend of electronic sounds with acoustic and analogue bass-driven synths, ALTARVIOLET’s new track is poised to be a summer anthem.

Greta Hotmer, previously the singer/songwriter for The Moxy and Leo Moon, describes “Eyes On You” as a departure from her usual lyrical themes. While her past work often dealt with processing heavy emotions, this new single focuses on themes of celebration, pleasure, and feeling good. Hotmer’s recent song “ARTEMIS” was about reclaiming personal power, but “Eyes On You” shifts towards a more upbeat and joyful tone.

My newest song, ‘Eyes On You,’ is a departure from my regular scheduled programming lyrically speaking,” says Greta. “After a challenging year of personal growth and releasing ‘ARTEMIS,’ which was focused on reclaiming power, I felt the next song should be about celebration and pleasure.”

“Eyes On You” captures the vibrant energy of summer, combining EDM elements with Greta’s nostalgic yet futuristic sound. The track is designed to help listeners dance away their stress and embrace their beauty and pleasure. “This song is for anyone who wants to dance their stress off and bask in their own beauty and pleasure,” Greta explains. “It’s important to give ourselves time to feel good and recharge.”

Greta’s passion for electronic music shines in this track, and she promises more songs in this vein to come. ALTARVIOLET aims to provide listeners with a musical escape and a chance to recharge. “Dancing and music offer extreme self-care opportunities,” Greta shares. “These are my little offerings to help listeners find healing, remember their truth, and connect with their hearts.”

ALTARVIOLET has previously shared the stage with acts like Young The Giant, The Sounds, CKY, INNERPARTYSYSTEM, The Color Fred, and Kill Hannah. With “Eyes On You,” ALTARVIOLET continues to explore new musical horizons, offering an exciting sound perfect for the summer season.

Listen to “Eyes On You” below!


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