Quentin Hiatus – Save The Planet | New Music


Quentin Hiatus, the wonderful new drum and bass producer has introduced us to an aboriginal interpretation of the drum and bass scene. Creating uplifting and atmospheric tracks, he uses a range of quirky sounds to plant his concept of unorthodox music into our minds. His new track “Save The Planet” features some incredible and insane drums looped with distorted moans and replenishing pads. It is a fresh look on jungle and DnB with a much more positive vibe compared other darker songs.


Free Love Digi, the label Quentin is signed to, approaches music in a way that brings people together. With over 2,000 followers on Soundcloud, the underground producer has proved to us that he can perform and create something different from the rest. His song definitely shows signs of inspiration from the likes of Noisia, with mashed up samples he has bundled together in “Save The Planet”. The song is available to download free from Soundcloud along with his other popular tracks, listen below.




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