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As the Harvey Weinstein allegations continue to reverberate around Hollywood, and hopefully mark a change in the business where victims feel secure in coming forward about their experiences and abusers no longer remain in power, a far less important topic of conversation is how this will change the relationship between the Weinstein Company and the talents it has backed in the past.


Quentin Tarantino, arguably the golden boy and main draw of the Weinstein Company and Miramax over the years, who last week issued an apology about not acting upon clear warning signs in the past, has severed ties with Weinstein and co., which has led him and his much anticipated script revolving around Charles Manson to look for a new home.


According to The Wrap, Tarantino has wasted no time attempting to find a new home. He’s essentially been summoning studio executives to his office in order to read his Manson script. After reading the script, studios such as Warner Bros., Universal and Paramount and more, is welcome to make a bid for the script.


The initial bid is for the theatrical rights before a second round of bidding is designed to be pitched to Tarantino himself. While it’s an odd way to go about the process, Tarantino himself is a brand and his screenplays are often the most-talked about in Hollywood before a single line has been filmed, and often before the screenplay itself has even been finished.


The director had to change a bulk of The Hateful Eight after the script leaked online and was devoured by eager fans looking for a very early glimpse at what he was working on. He’s being more careful now by using more unusual methods. It’s likely he’ll very quickly find a new home without much of a problem.



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