Quentin Tarantino To Release ‘Kill Bill’ Films Together As One Movie ‘The Whole Bloody Affair’ | Film News

Quentin Tarantino to release ‘Kill Bill’ films in one movie ‘The Whole Bloody Affair’


Director Quentin Tarantino is set to release all of the Kill Bill films in one movie titled Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. Tarantino originally wanted to release both of the films as one but gave into pressure from the film studio to split them and make more manageable. Furthermore, the anime scenes in the film are meant to be a lot longer. Japanese anime studio I.G could not complete the full anime sequence in time for the film’s release and they felt a 30 minute sequence would be too long. Upon learning of Tarantino’s plan to release the full film, the anime studio used their own money to complete the anime sequence which will be part of the new film. The film will receive its cinematic release in 2015.



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