Cuba Gooding Jr. Joins Comedy Central TV Series ‘Big Time’ | TV News

Cuba Gooding Jr. joins Comedy central show ‘Big Time’


Oscar Award winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. and Keith David have joined Comedy Central’s TV show Big Time. The show is about two brothers who want to be filmmakers, they get kicked out of their parent’s house and now have to try and make it alone. The pair of Gooding Jr. and David will have reoccurring roles on the series based in Hollywood, Florida. Gooding will play an exaggerated version of himself and David will play a Federal agent sent to investigate situations in Hollywood. Actor Ben Stiller is releasing the TV series through his production company Red Hour in partnership with Entertainment Partners. The cast also includes of Alex Anfanger who wrote the script for the show and Lenny Jacobson. It will air on Comedy Central in 2015.



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