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If you aren’t acquainted with the female music artist Raffa Weyman, aka RALPH now is the time to get to know her a little bit better! This Toronto based artist is a promising newcomer in the music business who is here to stay.


She has now a new single release on Soundcloud, entitled “Something More”. In this song she wants to make a statement that before making a decision, particularly in your relationship, you should definitely think twice and don’t be hasty, as she sings “Is there something more, is there something better and will I find it if I leave you behind?”


The instrumental part is all about those good disco feelings that seem to pop up from a previous decade, but it balances in today’s music with the exciting synths and promising drum sounds . So now the only thing to do is grab a cup of coffee and listen to it below enjoying this sweet, warm music synthesis wherever you are!




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