Rap Artist Izi Ike Has Released His Latest Single ‘Rewind’ | Music News


Rap artist Izi Ike has recently released his newest single “Rewind”, coming as the last track from his second EP 100 Grand. Focusing on expressing regrets the artist experienced himself, this engaging track is set to get stuck into your mind straight away.


Izi Ike is a rapper, producer and engineer from Houston, Texas and he has always found in music a powerful means to express himself and communicate with people, as he grew up as an introvert person, but with the great ability to absorb all the information around him.


Rewind” is a relatable track facing the consequences and the emotions that we have to deal with when we were not able to seize the right moment. Regrets can be a heavy burden to carry, and often we wish we could have the chance to “rewind”.


The talented rapper produced the instrumental himself, creating a warm sound that perfectly mixes with smooth vocals, driving rhythm and meaningful lyrics, as the captivating chorus will grab your attention from the very first listen. If you have ever wished you could go back in time, then you should not miss the latest infectious single by Izi Ike “Rewind”!


Listen to it here:




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