‘Ant-Man 3’ Hires ‘Rick And Morty’ Writer To Draft Screenplay | Film News


Ant-Man 3 has reportedly hired Rick And Morty‘s Jeff Loveness to write a screenplay for the third instalment of the MCU hero.


Loveness has worked on the show as both a writer and producer, while he’s also written for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Daniel Radcliffe limited series Miracle Workers, and both the Oscars and Emmys. To make this news even better for MCU fans, he’s also written several Marvel comic books.


Considering that the Ant-Man movies have frequently been fun, light-hearted affairs within the MCU, this should be a good fit for a writer who’s worked on one of the wackiest shows on TV.


I’m not sure how many fourth wall breaks and bizarre sci-fi aliens Paul Rudd‘s Scott Lang will now get into, nor how schwifty things will get, but this is certainly good news.


Peyton Reed is scheduled to be back in the director’s chair, but who knows when that will actually be? With all filming in Hollywood currently shut down due to the coronavirus, and with a host of other MCU films set before Ant-Man 3, it might be a long time until we actually see what Loveness’ potential script looks like.



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