Rebel Kirsten Stewart Poses for Vanity Fair France | Fashion News


Laid back actress Kirsten Stewart displays her poised and fun side when she recently played dress up for Vanity Fair France. Kristen’s outspoken and moody exterior vanished within these photographs, showing a stripped back and elegant young lady. The actress’ newly bobbed do and foxy orange hair colour works effortlessly with the beautifully elegant embellished dresses in this luxurious and contemporary shoot. This is undeniably the most elegant and complementary shoot we have seen Miss Stewart do since her debut in Twilight.


The interview for Vanity Fair mentions Kirsten’s time after the Twilight Saga. “I may have said when I was in the thick of it that it wasn’t going to last forever. It will calm down. But I didn’t really believe it. [Laughter] I thought it might just last forever. Now it seems so far away. We are only two or three years out and I am fully, fully, fully at the bottom of that massive flight of stairs. I’m out of the building”, she said. Watch this space, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Miss K Stewart this year.




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