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A reboot of Rebelde, the Mexican telenovela, is coming to our small screens via Netflix in 2022. Originally from 2004, this program marked the childhood of many 2000s children like myself. In the cast, I identified myself as the character called Roberta, the emogirl, but there was obviously a lot of competition on who would be the popular Mia.


The cast back in the day was formed by Mía Colucci (Anahi Giovanna), Diego Bustamante (Christopher Uckerman), Roberta Pardo (Dulce Maria), Miguel Arango (Afonso Herrera), Lupita Fernández (Maite Perroni), and Giovanni Méndez (Christian Chaves).


And the story of the series revolve around a boarding school, and these six students mentioned above become friends and decide to form a band called RBD, they had many hits like “Salvame”, “Este Corazon” and “Siempre He Estado Aqui”.


They have not aired a new episode in over a decade, but on March 1, 2021,  Netflix shared the news on Twitter “Rebelde is coming back! In 2022, head back to Elite Way School as a new generation of students hope to win the Battle of the Bands”.


In our kids fantasy world we really were the characters from the series, and we used to sing the songs at the top of our lungs, so it’s such a good nostalgia to know the series will come back soon and through Netflix which is something most people have nowdays.


Watch the teaser for the Rebelde reboot below




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