Reginald Hudlin To Helm ‘Black Cotton Star’ Graphic Novel Adaptation

ZQ Entertainment has acquired the rights to graphic novel Black Cotton Star, and has tapped Reginald Hudlin to direct. Deric Hughes & Benjamin Raab will adapt the book for the screen.

The graphic novel focuses on three African American soldiers in WWII who are dispatched on a suicide mission to retrieve the first ever American flag, stolen by a sadistic Nazi commander. It’s written by Yves Sente and illustrated by Steve Cuzor, and the duo will also executive produce the film.

Hudlin is a great choice for this. Although he’s best known for his screen work, he also had a three year run on Marvel’s Black Panther comic series. Hudlin’s time with T’Challa was a key point in the character’s history and his work with the character would go on to become one of the cornerstones of the MCU Black Panther film.

This isn’t the first comic Hudlin has been attached to develop for the big screen either. He was on board to direct a feature film based on Shadowman back in 2017, collaborating with Adam Simon on the script. However updates on that quickly went quiet and it’s likely that the film is no longer in development.

Hughes and Raab have previously worked on a number of CW shows, including Arrow and The Flash, while they are also separately developing the martial arts & fantasy comic titled Infinite Kung Fu with Kevin Tancharoen.

So there’s plenty of comic experience here, which should make Black Cotton Star‘s transition from page to screen a little easier.


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