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‘Revenge’ Season Three finale explained


Executive producer of the Revenge series, Sunil Nayar has explained his reasons for bringing David Clarke back to life, in a radio conversation with Entertainment Weekly. The season three finale saw Clarke’s return and killing his nemesis Conrad Grayson. Another shocking scene of the finale saw Emily Thorne find Aiden’s dead body sitting in the front of the fireplace, a gift from Victoria.


While speaking to E! News, Sunil Nayar said of David Clarke, “he is, of anybody that can come walking into the Hamptons, he is the game changer and we felt the best way to bring him back to the Hamptons is when we reintroduce him, you realize this man is no longer about forgiveness, that revenge has become a part of his makeup“. “It seems that the man that both Emily and Victoria think they knew isn’t the guy at all, whether people love it or hate it, I’m sure it’s going to be a polarizing decision, there’s nobody who’s not going to want to know where he’s been and what he’s about, so we can’t wait to tell those stories next season”, Nayar concludes.


The season three finale also revealed that Victoria realised that Emily Thorne is actually Amanda Clarke. In the recent turn of events, Emily had Victoria sent to a mental institute. The show recently won an award from Entertainment Weekly for ‘Best Non-Romantic Cliffhanger’ for Clarke’s return. It also won an award for ‘Most Disturbing Image’ for Victoria’s unveiling on Aiden’s dead body. Writers from the show began working on the script for Season Four on May 27, 2014.




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