Rihanna Excites Fans With New Fenty Beauty ‘Body Lava’ | Fashion News


Rihanna has surpassed the limits of music while tackling new sectors and also reaching infinite successes. After being hailed in the world of fashion, first with her fashion designs and creative tendencies, and later as the creative director of her collection for Puma, the singer launched her very own makeup line.


Fenty Beauty received much acclaim for being a pioneering makeup brand, including a scale of tonalities that covers all kinds of skin tones, from the lightest to the darkest of shades. In 2017, Fenty Beauty saw the light and since then the line has been getting even bigger and better.



Through Instagram, Rihanna recently announced a new product: a cream that makes the skin shine.


Body Lava‘ is a cream applied with a sponge all over the skin, making it brilliant, as if it was impregnated with glitter. In one of the videos that the singer has shared, it is possible to see the process of applying the product and the results it provides.




Exactly as the makeup, the cream will be available in different tonalities, in accordance with the skin tone of everybody.







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