Rihanna Unveils Cover Art For Upcoming Album ‘Anti’ | Music News



On the 7th of October at the Mama gallery in L.A., Rihanna revealed the name and album art for her next album entitled Anti (release date TBC). The cover features a portrait of Rihanna as a child with a gold crown covering her eyes. Not only that, but a poem – “If They Let Us” – by Chloe Mitchell (executive producer of Anti) is written over it in Braille. “The whole idea behind the Braille is that people who have sight are sometimes the people who are blindest,” Rihanna explained. The art was done by Roy Nachum, an artist who used Braille in his collection entitled “Blind” so that blind people can take something meaningful from his work. Rihanna is satisfied that her message has been accurately translated by Nachum, and the painter in turn has called her “a true artist and visionary”.







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