Rising British Artist Sam Tompkins Releases New Single ‘See Me’

British singer-songwriter Sam Tompkins has unveiled his poignant new single and accompanying music video, “See Me,” under the renowned label, Island Records, released on May 7.

In this heartfelt track, Tompkins bravely exposes his insecurities, many of which have been deeply ingrained since his formative years. The song is a cathartic journey into his psyche, providing an intimate glimpse into his emotional landscape.

The evocative music video mirrors the song’s introspective nature, featuring four different versions of Tompkins, three of which are reflections in mirrors. Set against a backdrop of darkness, the imagery captures the depth of emotion that the artist has experienced.

Tompkins is known for using his music as a therapeutic outlet, providing an emotional release from his struggles and encouraging his listeners to do the same.

His deeply personal narratives have resonated with many, as he delves into topics such as mental health, toxic relationships, and self-loathing, fostering a profound connection with his audience.

The single “See Me” is a testament to Tompkins’ commitment to authenticity. His honest songwriting, combined with his musical talent, has endeared him to audiences worldwide, leading to his rapid rise to prominence. His EP, Who Do You Pray To, notably secured a spot in the UK’s top 10 album chart, while his concerts consistently sell out.

Tompkins’ talent hasn’t gone unnoticed by his contemporaries. Artists such as Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Fred Again, Sam Smith, Bebe Rexha, and Drake have all recognized his musical prowess.

His collaboration with JNR Choi on the track “To The Moon” sparked a frenzy amongst fans, propelling the song to the number one spot on Spotify’s Viral Hits playlist.

Be sure to check out Sam Tompkins’ emotive new single, “See Me,” and its captivating music video below.


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