Rising East London Rapper Ayar Returns With ‘Water & Wine’ EP | Music News


East London rapper Ayar has just released a brand EP titled Water & Wine, led by the main track Coupe and featuring eight new tracks in total. As we have come to expect, the project features a strong mix of rap, jazz and R&B to glorious effects, driven by Ayar’s vivid storytelling, lush flow and rap dexterities.


Speaking about the project, Ayar says, “The project started at the top of the year, and as the lockdown progressed after the summer, I had more time to put aside to search for a sound I would like to go with. Inspiration came from the year’s events as well as the music I was listening to at the time. 2020 has been eventful and eye opening to say the least with a lot of self reflection and political matters being brought to the forefront of the media”.


Born in the 90s, Ayar took a liking to music as a child, with the beginnings of grime music. Art and music are his first plans in life. The lyrics of his music reflect his experience as a young black boy in the capital, from love and loss to growth and culture.


Listen to his new EP Water & Wine below:




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