Rob Quo Releases Vintage New Single ‘Talkin’ ‘Bout The Truth’

Rob Quo has just dropped his brand new single titled “Talkin’ ‘Bout The Truth”. The song is taken from his upcoming 5 track EP, Let It Spin, set to be released on July 15.

“Talkin’ ‘Bout The Truth” is a lounge-infused groove of the ’70s with a simple and pure message, it is a call for the truth in this post-truth world where we seemed to normalize lying and do away with the facts.

Rob Quo wanted to give it a vintage vibe as we can hear on the ’70s soul records, thinking about artists like Otis Redding and Curtis Mayfield.

For the recording, Rob Quo chose his favorite collaborators, even though they never played together: Sam Crooks – taking care of the bass and backing vocals, Alex Chalstrey – playing keys, Simeon Hammond Dallas – present on the backing vocals, Gus White – at the drums and percussion, and Barnabas Poffley – playing Bongos. This ensemble created an honest and vintage energy mixing genres as they come from worlds of jazz, soul and R&B.

They all played together for the first time in the studio. They tracked “Talkin’ ‘Bout The Truth” live at The Barn in England where the five artists spread over the two floors. After 15 takes, they were finally happy with the result.

Rob Quo is an English songwriter in his mid-twenties with a particular taste for vintage vibes. He started performing as a teenager, after growing up surrounded by a variety of music, fronting a jazz band. He left school later to move to London to find his way as a singer-songwriter on London’s folk burgeoning music scene.

Since this moment he worked with a lot of different collaborators working in the worlds of Folk, Blues and Jazz. However, it is only in the Spring of 2019 that he decided to become a solo artist under his own name.

As Rob Quo is soon dropping a new EP and promised another release before the end of the week, we can be sure that he is not resting and will have to wait to discover his next moves.

Listen to Rob Quo latest single “Talkin’ ‘Bout The Truth” here:


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