Canadian Artist Sophia Fracassi Shares New Pop Single ‘Somebody’

Canadian singer and songwriter Sophia Fracassi has always turned to music to overcome life’s obstacles. She is only 17 years old but she manages to get a direct and confident voice, showing through this that she had dedicated her life to her music.

She has just released a brand new single entitled “Somebody” which is bringing the listeners to her own world. A world where she wants to be heard while she is dealing with the overwhelming spell of true loneliness. “Somebody” is a passionate pop track, that you will love if you feel trapped in your own emotions and that you want to let it all go.

Sophia opened up about her song saying: “Loneliness does not discriminate. One can feel the overwhelming grip of loneliness while they are surrounded by friends and family, as well as when they are completely by themselves. I believe when it comes down to it, being lonely is actually a longing to be known.

I wrote “Somebody” during a time in my life where I had really never felt more alone. In retrospect, I find the timing ironic considering it was written less than two months before the whole world was shut down for the pandemic. I have now experienced in a whole new way what it truly feels like to be lonely and I think many other people have too.

Sophia Fracassi was influenced by icons such as Joni Mitchell and Taylor Swift and she is writing about the things she knows and experiences. She went through various heartbreaks and some hardships that helped her to get this perspective she is now putting in her music at the same time she is still developing and pursuing her passion.

She wants her music to be a reflection of her personal experiences as well as a vessel to share her story in an authentic and honest way.

Sophia released her debut single this year entitled “Wish I Never Met You” and “Somebody” is her second one but it is only a beginning and you will want to keep posted to know what will be her next project!

Listen to Sophia Fracassi’s passionate new pop single “Somebody” here:


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