Robert Pattinson In Talks To Star In Bong Joon Ho’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Film

Film fans have been anticipating what director Bong Joon Ho‘s first film after the acclaimed Best Picture winner Parasite would be. Well it looks like we’ve got our answer. Bong is circling a project at Warner Bros. that would see him adapt the yet-to-be-publushed novel Mickey7 from sci-fi writer Edward Ashton, and he’s got Robert Pattinson in talks to star.

All we know about the novel right now is that it revolves around disposable clones being sent to colonise distant planets. Deadline reports that Bong has deliberately taken his time picking his post-Parasite project, but towards the end of 2021 was presented with the manuscript for Ashton’s unpublished book, which immediately drew his interest.

The director then reportedly met with many A-listers – obviously practically everyone wanted to work with him after Parasite – with Pattinson coming out of their meeting the most impressive, which isn’t a surprise considering he’s become a director’s darling in recent years, willing to play any role to work with acclaimed filmmakers.

Pattinson worked with the Safdie brothers on 2017’s Good Time, with French auteur Claire Denis on her 2018 arthouse film High Life, and Robert Eggers‘ bizarro The Lighthouse in 2019.

But he still has time for blockbusters, as seen with his work on Christopher Nolan‘s Tenet and Matt ReevesThe Batman, which is finally due for release this year.

It’s also no surprise that Bong’s next film will be with Warner Bros., as the studio has also commissioned a HBO limited series based on Parasite that Bong will executive produce alongside Adam McKay.

Mickey7 – if indeed that is what the film will also be called – will understandably now become one of the most-talked Hollywood projects after Parasite‘s massive success and instant elevation into the canon of greatest films of all time. Bong might have a lot of pressure on his shoulders, but his excellent track record proves that he’s more than up to the task.


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