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Robert Pattinson‘s ascent from Twilight poster boy to an interesting, daring actor continues. After a year in which he stole the show in the provocative Good Time and had a solid supporting role in James Gray‘s aesthetic wonder The Lost City Of Z, Pattinson has now signed on to play the lead in horror film The Lighthouse.


The film is coming from director Robert Eggers, whose most recent film The Witch caused plenty of waves among the horror community, so this was already a film on many people’s radar anyway. Pattinson joins Willem Dafoe on the film, which is being described as “a fantasy horror story set in the world of old sea-faring myths”.


A24 will once again collaborate with Eggers to release the film, while New Regency has joined the project as a co-financier. Eggers said:


“I am extremely happy to be working with RT, A24, and Parts & Labor again. Along with New Regency, they are providing me and my collaborators with the support and freedom to make this film the way it needs to be made. It’s a privilege”.


Shooting will begin this spring from a script by Eggers and his brother Max. The Witch got so much attention for its sheer commitment to unnerving atmosphere and dread while eschewing traditional horror tropes. With films like Get Out and IT dominating the horror conversation over the past year, it’s easy to forget that The Witch was the most-talked about horror film of 2016.


Thus expectations for The Lighthouse are going to be high and it will be interesting to see what Eggers does with the film. Will we see something similar in tone to The Witch? Or will he surprise us?



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