Robert Rodriguez To Direct James Cameron’s Long Awaited Manga Adaptation | Film News



James Cameron‘s pet project, an adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s sci-fi manga Battle Angel Alita, has been varying stages of development for nearly a decade. Now, after recruiting action director Robert Rodriguez, the film is gaining some traction over at 20th Century Fox. Deadline is reporting that the project is moving along with Cameron and long term collaborator Jon Landau as producers.


The Japanese comic series follows a female cyborg, Alita, who awakens in a refuse heap, badly damaged and without her memory. Set in the post-apocalyptic 26th century, the cyborg is repaired by a cybernetics doctor who repurposes her as a deadly assassin. The film will track Alita’s development as she attempts to regain her memory and find purpose in her new life. In Japan the series is known as Gunnm, which literally translates to ‘Gun Dream’; sounds like a summary of Rodriguez’s film career.


Cameron has been unable to work the project with the ongoing development of his Avatar series. Rodriguez, who has never really gone all out dramatic sci-fi before; The Faculty was more black coming-of-age comedy, and Planet Terror was a throwback grindhouse feature. The American director has more than proven his skills in the action genre, catering to young and adult demographics with his Spy Kids and El Mariachi franchises. So far there has been no news on casting or a release date, however we will keep you posted on what is sure to be interesting blockbuster.



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