Rock Band The Wild Blue Have Just Released Their New Single ‘Love/Hate NY’ | Music News


The rock quartet The Wild Blue have just dropped their latest single “Love/Hate NY”, delivering a powerful track which is set to inject some great energy into your mind.


Based in New York City, The Wild Blue are a post-punk four-piece comprised of Edward Martinez on guitar, Camilo Pabon on drums, Zach Dalva on vocals and Heather Kite on synthesizer, each one of them giving an important contribution to the band’s style, based on their several musical experiences and different tastes.


With a sound that combines elements of classic punk, gospel, indie and progressive rock, The Wild Blue amazingly balanced their multiple influences in their latest release, adding reggae-ton beats to driving rhythm and engaging instrumentation.


As the title suggests, their newest single “Love/Hate NY” is about a love/hate relationship with New York, with lyrics, talking about paying $10 for the best bagel you could ever have and complaining about the too many people on the big city streets, just to realize that those are the most relevant and important people, as the band stated.


If you are a New York City resident, then you will easily relate to this song. However, if you have never been to NYC, you can get a taste of the city that never sleep listening to this potent single will by The Wild Blue, so do not miss this chance!


Listen to it here:




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