Rocket Pengwin Releases Pop-Punk Cover Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti Hero’

Eddie aka Rocket Pengwin has released a new Pop-Punk version of Taylor Swift‘s “Anti Hero”. When you are used to the normal version of popular songs, it is very hard to come by a cover of the song you liked. Rocket Pengwin is a great example of being royal to the main composition of the song yet adding his unique approach instrumentally.

Rocket Pengwin is the creation of multi-hyphenate singer, songwriter, and visual artist Eddie Sears in an effort to communicate his own experience of establishing a sense of belonging and the difficult but gratifying process of integrating into New York City.

Eddie’s enthusiasm for music started when he was a little child. He was born in Parma, Italy, one week after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

His ongoing musical sense is rooted in his early fascination with dance and emo pop/rock. Eddie, who holds dual citizenship in the UK and Italy, relocated to New York City to further his burgeoning creative career and innovative artistic endeavour.

Eddie’s creation Rocket Pengwin, about a penguin who relocated from Antarctica to New York City, invites listeners and viewers to enter a familiar yet weird environment where they are forced to question their own preconceived ideas about what it means to be the odd one out.

Rocket Pengwin’s “Anti Hero” has its own ways of getting to the audience. Since Taylor Swift has her very unique ways of vocal delivery, it is a very brave thing to do to attempt covering this piece in a Pop-Punk way.

Listen and enjoy the new cover of “Anti Hero” below!


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