The Cofields Release New Track ‘Royalty’ In Honour Of Their Daughter

The Cofields have released a song – named after their newborn baby – `
“Royalty”. This song not only has an engaging rhythm but also the clip has full of details that deserves mentioning.

The song’s video by Raymond Anderson demonstrates that “royalty” means more to The Cofields than just an ethereal idea. Additionally, their new baby’s name is that.

The third celebrity in the video is Royalty Cofield. Despite spending the majority of the clip in her mother’s arms, the small girl wears regal crimson clothing and a bow around her little head.

A living example of the effectiveness of prayer and faith as well as the importance of family and community is royalty. She’s also really cute. The Cofield family is prepared to face any obstacle, to reflect the majesty of the Lord, and to shine like gems in a crown because they are united in their faith.

Calvin Cofield is wearing a pendant around his neck in the opening scene of  The Cofields’ beautiful, uplifting music video for “Royalty.” It’s a small piece of gold, approximately the size of a postage stamp, but it shines so brightly that it appears to be emanating from the very centre of his essence.

That glow lasts all the way through Calvin Cofield‘s ferociously rapped testament to faith, the healing attributes of God, and the resolve to withstand temptation. The pendant’s writing, which says Jesus Over Everything, then becomes clear at the one-minute mark.

“Royalty” furthers the Cofield objective admirably by demonstrating the duo’s appreciation of song architecture and dramatic progression as well as praises of God’s majesty.

For the glory of God, they have once more merged hip-hop, gospel, R&P, and modern music to create a hit that is sweeping the globe! Along with Todd Johnson Throne Muzik, Calvin Cofield and Kimberly Rice-Cofield produced the song. They worked cohesively to create a tune that shines like a star on a Christmas tree.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Royalty” below!


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