Roger Deakins Announced As Cinematographer For ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel | Film News


Glorious news today as master cinematographer Roger Deakins was announced to be shooting Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner sequel. Deakins has shot many classic films such as The Shawshank Redemption and No Country For Old Men. More recently he has worked on Villeneuves’s Prisoners and future release Sicario.


Ridley Scott is set to produce the film with Ryan Gosling in talks to star. This long in development movie has had its ups and downs but as of this moment, is assembling quite the team and with this latest addition, there is even more reason to get excited about the follow up to the 1982 Harrison Ford sci-fi classic.


With Villeneuves’s and Deakins latest venture Sicario currently showing to sterling reviews at Cannes, the buzz is only going to pick up from here. Prisoners was one of the best films of 2013 so if they can recreate that same magical touch and implant it into the world of Blade Runner we should be in for a real treat.



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