Romanian Producer Alex Parker Drops ‘No Sleep’ With Milan Gavris

The music world has been lit up by the latest creation from renowned producer, Alex Parker, and special guest vocalist, Milan Gavris.

Their latest track, “No Sleep“, marries contagious energy with expansive melodies, producing an entrancing blend of electric acid house and psy trance that is set to captivate audiences globally.

“No Sleep” expertly merges elements of acid house and psy trance to stretch the elastic of electronic music conventions and deliver a deeply immersive auditory experience.

The track escorts listeners into a pulsating realm of hypnotic rhythms and otherworldly soundscapes, highlighted by powerful basslines, intricate synth arrangements, and layered ambient textures.

Both Alex Parker and Milan Gavris’ artistic prowess shines through the impeccable production and adeptly crafted transitions that “No Sleep” features.

Alex Parker’s musical journey started at an early age, with piano lessons commencing at six, and live performances around Bucharest bars by thirteen. As a keyboardist who dabbled in rock, blues, and funk, Parker honed a diverse skillset in sound design, music production, and audio mastering.

He has lent his talents to over 50 songs, writing, producing, and mixing for some of Romania’s most distinguished musicians, including Antonia, Delia, and Morandi.

The release of his debut single “Tropical Sun” in 2016 immediately put him on the global map. This was followed by the 2017 releases “Synchronise” featuring Alexandra Stan and “Fix Your Heart” with Misha Miller, further securing his standing in the music world.

In 2019, Parker made his Ultra Music debut with the single “In My Mind“, and followed up with “Love Games” and “Addicted“.

Simultaneously, Parker also collaborated with Neversea Festival, one of Romania’s largest electronic music events, breaking new ground as the first DJ to perform atop a wind turbine.

Co-founding Creator Records, Parker represents some of the freshest talents from Eastern Europe, such as Holy Molly and Olivia Addams.

His contribution as a producer and songwriter to their European hits “Menage a Trois” and “Dumb” underscores his musical versatility and influence.

Immerse yourself in the intoxicating rhythms of “No Sleep” by Alex Parker featuring Milan Gavris below:


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