North London Rapper Jordy Releases ‘Too Much’ Featuring Louis Rei

North London-born and Essex-based rapper, Jordy, has launched his latest single “Too Much“, featuring WSTRN’s Louis Rei, while simultaneously announcing the release of his 9-track EP, The Love Ting, scheduled for July 17th.

Recognized for his exceptional lyricism, witty punchlines, and fluid flow, Jordy adopts a more sensitive approach to writing in The Love Ting.

The EP, themed around the concept of love, navigates various aspects of this multifaceted emotion. Jordy teamed up with long-term collaborators OJ, Daniel Miles, and Midnight Phunk, for production duties, amalgamating different genres and soundscapes to create a diverse and engaging body of work.

In “Too Much”, Jordy and Louis Rei engage in an enticing dialogue, blending their styles perfectly to enhance each other’s performance. Louis’ catchy chorus in “Too Much” creates a rhythmic counterpoint to Jordy’s characteristic clever wordplay.

In addition to his new single, Jordy recently unveiled the fifth episode of his insightful interview series, “The Love Ting”. Grounded in the concept of love, these interviews delve into its multifarious facets through Jordy’s humorous lens.

Jordy has carved a name for himself through his storytelling prowess, earning him the title of “every rapper’s rapper”. He’s emerged as one of the most respected voices in the pulsating UK rap scene. After releasing his critically acclaimed EP SMH in 2021, Jordy had a stellar year and was listed as “one to watch for 2022” by the likes of Complex, Hypebeast, Wonderland, Mixtape Madness, and Viper Magazine.

2022 saw Jordy release his lyrically potent follow-up to SMH, a 6-track EP called KMT. This EP showcased his brilliant lyricism, punchlines, and dynamic flow, reinforcing his position as one of the leading wordsmiths in the UK scene. He also teamed up with his cousin and upcoming rapper, Elt Cheekz, for the mixtape IF I COULDN’T RAP I WOULDN’T RAP.

Dive into the new single, “Too Much”, by Jordy below:


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