‘Ronaldo’ – Will The Real Ronaldo Please Stand Up | Film Review



I cant really say I enjoyed this film, it feels a little too polished to make Ronaldo look like a machine with a heart of gold, the truth, I imagine is, far from what we see in this documentary. He brags about being the best footballer in the world, my natural instinct is to disagree with him based on the ability and record of four time winner of the Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi, ignoring this achievement I think I also side with Messi, because he just comes across as a very humble man who has no time for showing off outside of the pitch.


The film shows Ronaldo doting on his son, I believe he loves that little boy with all his heart, but as the film continues, you slowly start to see a small peak into the real Ronaldo, he claims that his son doesn’t need his mother around and that his own mother and him work fine as a parenting team, I find this very hard to believe, what mother would happily give up her son and not have any interest in visiting her son once a week, month or even year! I think this shows what a control freak Ronaldo really is, I am sure when that little boy grows up, he will not thank him for what seems like his father deleting his mother out of his life, to add fuel to this theme, Ronaldo still refuses to tell anyone who the mother is.


I think if this had been more of an independent film it might have worked, but there are no hard questions asked of him, it’s as if Ronaldo wrote the script and set up the questions himself, you very rarely see him emotional outside of the pitch. Ronaldo will go down in history as one of the best players to ever play the game,yes there is a vanity to the man but if you ignore that, you have a person who has consistently hit magical levels of performance since he was in his late teens and continues to improve and compete with the worlds best.


Film rating – 5/10




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