Rookie Group BLACKPINK Scores A 100 Million View Milestone On YouTube | Music News


K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK, may have debuted last August, but their YouTube views certainly mask their rookie status!


The music video for their debut single, “Boombayah”, hit 100 million views back at the end of January and is now joined by “Playing With Fire” from their second single album, Square Two.


“Playing With Fire” was released last November and has amassed 100 million views in just five months!


BLACKPINK’s other debut single, “Whistle”, which earned the girl group an impressive number of best rookie group awards, is on the cusp of breaking 100 million views as well, standing proudly at 98 million views.


To celebrate the newly achieved milestone, the girls took to their Instagram with a live video earlier today, where member Jennie hinted that “there would be good news soon, hopefully”. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope they make their comeback soon. They’ll need a bigger discography if they’re going to continue breaking their own view records!


Until then though, check out their music video for “Playing With Fire” below!




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