First Trailer For New TV Adaptation Of Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’ | TV Trailer


Film-to-TV adaptations seem to be the only new shows arriving at the moment. Networks like safe, recognisable stories with a built-in audience already established, who knew? Perhaps less well known is the short story-to-film-to-TV adaptation, which is the route Spike have taken with their new series, The Mist.


The story is based off Stephen King‘s novella, and was originally adapted into a pretty good, tension-riddled film in 2007. Set in a small town, a mysterious mist appears ominously drifting into the region, cutting off the citizens from the outside world and forcing morality and sanity to slip.


The good news, if you’re sick of having already seen the film (or read the book) and knowing where the series is going, is that creator Christian Torpe has only looked at King’s novella for inspiration, and has his own narratives written with new characters. Unsurprising considering he’s adapting a novella into a full-blown TV series, but at least it mean some surprises are in store.


Torpe himself added: “We establish different little pressure cookers under the influence of whoever the leader would be in those locations. Each of them come up with different theories or beliefs about what’s going on. Eventually, the story lines will dovetail and turn into conflicts”.


Not sold yet? Check out the eerie trailer below and be pleasantly surprised how intriguing the show looks despite the main antagonist being some iffy weather.



The Mist will have a ten episode run, beginning Thursday, June 22 on Spike. Will it be The Shining-level of Stephen King adaptations? Or something closer to Dreamcatcher?



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