Ruben Fleischer To Direct Film Adaptation Of Graphic Novel ‘Marjorie Finnegan, Temporal Criminal’

The Boys author Garth Ennis has already seen his most popular graphic novel be successfully adapted, so how about another one? Ruben Fleischer (Venom) has been tapped to direct a film adaptation of Ennis’ Marjorie Finnegan, Temporal Criminal.

Catya McMullen will write the screenplay, and the project is in development under LuckyChap Entertainment and AWA Studios.

The graphic novel follows follows the adventures of its titular time-traveling treasure hunter. Her enormous work rate proves largely successful but eventually brings her under the radar of the Temporal PD whose number one Deputy Marshall is hard on her tail.

The Deputy is ostensibly only looking to restore law and order, but Marjorie also has to deal with her delusional ex-boyfriend who intends to exploit her time-tech for selfish gains. She also has an ally named Tim who is simply a head. With art by Goran Sudžuka, it sounds like a wacky visual feast that will lend itself to a film adaptation pretty well.

Fleischer has experience with both comic books and wackiness, having directed both Venom films and each Zombieland movie. He even has experience handling adaptations after directing the film based on the Uncharted video game earlier this year. So there might not be a better person for the job.

Fleischer said in a statement: Garth Ennis has proven time and time again why he is one of the most original voices in the world of comics. I feel so lucky and honored to bring a piece of his to life onscreen.

Add to that the incredibly talented writing of Catya McMullen along with the fine folks at LuckyChap Entertainment and AWA, and this project is the kind of thing dreams are made of. We are poised to make that completely original and amazing time travel franchise the world has been waiting for.”

Uncharted grossed over $400 million worldwide, so it’s easy to see why Fleischer is a popular name for producers looking to adapt slightly out-there literary works. Fleischer is only going to get busier too, as he was recently tapped to direct the third installment in the Now You See Me franchise.


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