Rukmani Embraces Authenticity On New Track ‘No Social Media’

Rukmani‘s track, No Social Media,” dropped on February 16th, delivers a powerful message about self-liberation. The song challenges societal norms, urging listeners to reclaim their authenticity and disconnect from the digital world’s pressures.

In the opening lines, Rukmani boldly declares her departure from media influence, setting the tone for a rebellious anthem against conformity. “I ain’t going through the media no more,” she asserts, encapsulating the essence of the track.

“No Social Media” is more than entertainment; it ignites a movement. Rukmani highlights the song’s significance, aiming to inspire individuals to embrace their true selves unabashedly. She states, “I want this to inspire people to break free from the shackles of online validation and embrace their true selves, flaws and all.”

The track serves as a call to action, urging listeners to prioritize genuine connections and pursue their passions. Rukmani advocates for self-love and empowerment, rejecting the pursuit of superficial approval. She emphasizes, “You are enough, just as you are.”

With its catchy beat and empowering lyrics, “No Social Media” encourages listeners to rethink their relationship with online validation. It champions authenticity over perfection, urging individuals to rewrite their narratives and prioritize personal growth.

Rukmani, an R&B artist from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, shares her life experiences through her music, making “No Social Media” a heartfelt manifesto for embracing one’s true self in a digital age obsessed with perfection.

Join the revolution #NoSocialMedia and listen to “No Social Media” below!


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