Discover The New Single ‘Into You’ From Emerging Artist Art Nova

Art Nova, an emerging artist based in New York, is excited to unveil his very first single, “Into You“, now available on Spotify and other major streaming platforms.

This track marks the beginning of an exhilarating musical journey, offering listeners a refreshing fusion of alternative pop and dance music, accentuated by a dominant funky bassline and catchy vocals that instantly transport us back to the 80s.

In collaboration with New York-based artists, including Grammy-nominated producer Aaron Albano (MING) and co-writer Claudia Mills from the Brooklyn-based band BITTERS, Art Nova brings to life a unique sonic experience with “Into You”. This song embodies Art Nova’s musical vision and invites listeners to embark on his promising musical journey.

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of New York City, Art Nova is a passionate singer-songwriter determined to make a lasting mark in the music industry. His diverse influences and distinctive style have earned him a place among artists to watch closely.

By working alongside talented collaborators, Art Nova is shaping his musical identity and crafting a track that captivates the imagination of his audience.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on Art Nova as he continues to rise in the music industry. With “Into You”, this promising artist is poised to win over hearts and minds with his inspiring music and infectious energy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into Art Nova’s captivating musical universe and discover what the future holds for him. Listen to “Into You” below!


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