Ryan Coogler Officially Returning To Write & Direct ‘Black Panther 2’ | Film News


In what’s no surprise to anyone, but still excellent news, director Ryan Coogler has now officially signed on to return to Wakanda and write and direct Black Panther 2. THR reports that he is expected to start writing the sequel next year, which could mean we’re looking at a 2021 release for the highly anticipated sequel.


That would mean about a three year gap between movies, which is about standard for Marvel sequels these days. Obviously much of the MCU hinges on what happens in next year’s Avengers 4, and Marvel have kept a lot of their projects to come after that close to the chest in order to not reveal characters’ fates.


Why was there a slight delay in Coogler officially returning to the franchise? Because he’s reportedly got smart agents and managers. “Coogler’s camp shook off the peer pressure and took its time in making a deal, which occurred under the radar some time ago” THR added, which is similar to the approach Patty Jenkins took when negotiating her deal to come back and direct Wonder Woman 1984.


Basically, both filmmakers deserved a raise after delivering massive hits for their respective studios. It sounds like they got them.


In other good Coogler-related news, he’s still reportedly developing his original film Wrong Answer, which will re-team him with Michael B. Jordan. Ta-Nehisi Coates is writing the script for the film, which is based on the real life organised cheating scandal in the Atlanta public school system.


It’s unclear when Wrong Answer will have a chance to get made with much of Coogler’s time being spent with Marvel, but hopefully he can find a brief window somewhere to make a film which sounds very intriguing.



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