Ryan Hylton Explores Pursuit Of Authenticity On New Single ‘True’

Renowned for his thought-provoking Christian pop music, London-based Ryan Hylton has unveiled his latest track, “True”, released on September 8.

Featured in Platoon’s new EP, A UK Gospel Celebration, the song is a soulful dive into the complexities of the human journey, particularly the challenges encountered while pursuing success and the internal battles with materialistic desires.

Ryan Hylton has been on the radar since the release of his EP “Journey” in May 2020, which resonated deeply with listeners. It portrayed raw emotion combined with impeccable musical talent, shedding light on profound themes.

His debut studio album, Legacy, released in December of the same year, was a testament to his growing influence, securing the 13th spot on the UK Apple Charts for Gospel music.

Drawing inspiration from notable names in the music industry such as Justin Bieber, Jonathan McReynolds, and H.E.R., Ryan has honed a distinctive sound that beautifully merges uplifting messages of faith and hope.

His recent single, “True”, offers an appealing blend of catchy summer vibes, underpinned by funky rhythms and compelling choruses. The track acts as a reminder to seek personal truth and authenticity amidst the distractions of life.

Ryan encapsulates the essence of the song when he remarks, “You’re my strength when life’s tough, my identity in you is worth more than fame.” The lyricism, complemented by his soothing vocals, harmoniously intertwines to deliver a message that is both impactful and relatable.

Further adding to the richness of the A UK Gospel Celebration EP, Ryan collaborates with Asha Elia on a heartwarming rendition of “Nobody Greater,” originally by VaShawn Mitchell.

The synergy between Ryan and Asha is evident, resulting in a musical piece that feels both fresh and rooted in the timeless messages of hope and unwavering faith.

In today’s world, where superficiality often takes center stage, Ryan’s work stands out as a beacon, guiding listeners towards introspection and a deeper understanding of themselves.

With “True” and his continued contributions to Christian pop, Ryan Hylton solidifies his position as a rising voice, merging commercial appeal with deeply spiritual messages.

Listen to “True” below!


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